Helen’s career has spanned many areas of study and experience including working with Somatic intelligence and leadership embodiment practitioners, mental health service providers, Art therapists, university students, schools and museums, with diverse groups of people and within a variety of community settings

Connecting with a sense of vitality and flow forms the heart of Helen’s work and her intention is to offer a space where participants can work at their own pace and regain a sense of confidence and surprise at their own abilities and potential.

Within her teaching is an invitation to look again at the unique essence of the individual and the relational possibilities within each human life.

She uses drawing and natural form to stimulate ideas within a group bringing imagination and an original approach, often using art, music, poetry or movement to focus attention and open dialogue.

Her aim is to encourage personal creative vision, compassion and resilience using Art as a medium in which to explore transformation on all its levels.

my studio, Corsham in Wiltshire, UK